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The Cariverona Foundation is a private non-profit making institution that represents the ideal continuation of the attention to the local social needs of the area in which the Cassa di Risparmio of Verona, Vicenza, Belluno and Ancona operates since 1825.

It is this bond to the local area that characterises the work of the Foundation: active in five provinces in three different regions, with a total population of almost 3 million inhabitants, the Cariverona Foundation guarantees the relationship with local operators in a continuative and systematic way, through participation and dialogue and understanding local needs.

This is mainly achieved through a careful definition of the main areas of long-term plans.

As well as listening to the needs of local operators, the Foundation also involves operators of an international background.

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The two driving forces of the Cariverona Foundation are:

Grant making

Through the instruments of tenders and fund provision, the Foundation invests in projects created by local organisations, offering the resources and skills necessary for social, economic and cultural changes;


Creating its own projects and programmes directly, either in partnership with third parties or through a dedicated company called Teatro Ristori.