The Mission Balance Sheet

“INSIEME 2019”

From 1991 to today, the Cariverona Foundation has supported almost 23,000 initiatives for a total value of over 1,760 million euro.

But what are the objectives that have been achieved with these initiatives?

Within the Mission Balance Sheet, each year, the Cariverona Foundation illustrates its activities, its commitment to the local area and the objectives reached, together with those planned for the future.

“INSIEME 2019”, the 2019 Mission Balance Sheet of the Cariverona Foundation has been created thanks to the commitment and collaboration of all our offices and thanks to the constant dialogue with local non-profit organisations.

By participating in our tenders, they receive the necessary resources to achieve their initiatives, contributing, TOGETHER with us, to the social, economic and cultural development of the local areas in which we are situated.

Concentrating investments, high impact

Over the last few years, the commitment of the Cariverona Foundation to create an impact has been concentrated on a plan to implement systematic interventions, concentrating investments on a restricted number of projects that achieve a high impact.

That’s why, also during 2019, the Foundation has been ever-more present in capacity building. The construction of skills represents a strategic lever for the growth of local areas and communities and can play a key role in a new context that intentionally offers instruments, languages and experience useful in creating projects and generating positive effects on society, with particular reference to the young, who increasingly search for solid values and organisations.

Obtaining the best from our young: another focal point. The development of our Country is dependent on quality education that helps children acquire the necessary skills to affront the challenges of tomorrow.

But helping young people is not only this. It also signifies setting a path in which all of the resources of our young people – enthusiasm, skills, sense of responsibility – can be offered to the community. For the Cariverona Foundation, generating change also means helping the local area to think in terms of generating welfare, showing attentiveness to people in need, through the creation of initiatives that confirm the change from a prevalently assistential approach to one more directed at the empowerment of people.

Lastly, the Foundation and Culture. Also on an institutional and political level, culture is seeing considerable growth and the Cariverona Foundation accepts this new challenge: the promotion of a culture which regenerates the local area and promotes social inclusion.

In 2019 the Foundation received a total of 750 requests for funds, of which it approved 444 projects with a financial commitment of 36,1 million euro. This takes into account long-term and continuing projects.


The details of approved projects
Social health and welfare of the local area
213 projects
€17.5 million
Research and training
94 projects
€11.4 million
Art and the promotion of cultural activities
136 projects
€7.2 million

Other areas

1 project – €20.000

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