Our activities

Objectives and priorities

As well as sustaining public and non-profit making organisations in the implementation of initatives and projects that coincide with the objectives and priorities set out in the Long-Term Plan, the Cariverona Foundation has developed its own projects that include the field of art and culture, but not only.

Cariverona Foundation: therefore not only an institution supplying resources but also an active player in the creation of networks, skills and relationships.

A unique collection of art

In the archives of the Cariverona Foundation, one can find a varied and unique collection of art which ranges from the various historical periods and artistic styles.

The patrimony of the Foundation represents in a complete way, the principle schools of art connected to the local areas and covers an ample period of time from the 14th to the 21st century.

Creation of projects targeted at Capacity Building

Generating change through increasing skills, concentrating on those activities able to create the conditions for projects with a high impact. These are the reasons behind Cariverona Foundation’s increasing commitment over the years to the creation of projects with initiatives targeted at capacity building.

The building up of skills represents a strategic lever for the growth of local areas and communities as demonstrated by the experience already obtained with the three editions of the training course connected to the Welfare and the Family tender, together with events such as Welfare on Stage and the important New Didactics Workshop. This latter is a training project aimed at distributing a teaching and learning model for schools. Other past projects include the attention paid to skills in the Europroject with a parallel workshop based on the experience in the Bassano district of Dance Well, together with the support for the Enactus Project, successful in improving the abilities of project management of the young generations.

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Ristori Theatre

The Ristori Theatre, closed in 1983 after 146 years of activity, was purchased by the Cariverona Foundation in 2001, with the objective of giving it back to the local community.

Since its reopening in 2012, every year it presents a varied seasonal programme of events. These events are innovative and transversal among the various forms of art, of which the highlights are represented by the music season (concerts, Baroque and Jazz) and of Dance.

Today, the Ristori Theatre represents a focal point in the cultural life of the city as well as offering educational opportunities with a large offering of training and cultural activities of high quality which are aimed in particular at the younger generation.