Programmed activity

The Programme Documents

The Programme Documents represent the principle instruments for the direction and the development of the activities of the Foundation.

They identify the main areas for intervention, the strategic objectives, the priorities and the resources made available.’The Long-Term Plan covers a three-year period. It is formulated on the basis of comparison, dialogue and exploration carried out by specific committees made up of the relevant members of the organization and represents the reference point for year-on-year planning, which is represented by the Annual Operating Plan, detailing the resources, instruments and actions required and which is approved by the relevant body usually by October.

The institutional programme for the period 2020-2022 has the objectives and areas of action as follows:

Environment and local area

Human Capital

Social Innovation

Regarding 2020, during the emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation is supporting scientific research, health services and community services but also thought it appropriate to carry our an internal reflection with the objective of modifying activities bearing in mind the changing circumstances. In July 2020, a modification of the Annual Operating Plan was approved.

This modification took into account the general principles and plans of action approved in October 2019 but re-defined and integrated the allocation of the resources and the plans of action deemed necessary.