OBJECTIVE 3 – Social innovation

Social Innovation; Well-being;
Quality of life for the promotion of Inclusive and Cohesive communities

‘The goals defined by the Cariverona Foundation regarding “Social Innovation, well-being, quality of life, encouraging the creation of a cohesive and inclusive community” are:

– facilitate the dialogue between the principle stakeholders and encourage processes of construction of stable networks and partnerships able to attract local, national and European public and private resources.
– reinforce the qualities and skills of operators, in particular, regarding themes of sustainability and social innovation;
– encourage procedures and processes of re-training and active social inclusion to contrast situations of marginalization, fragility, material, educational and relational poverty.
– implement initiatives and apply experimental practices aimed at increasing the well-being and the quality of life of people suffering from illness or physical or psycho-physical fragility.
– encourage the creation of new job opportunities and the establishment of social enterprises

There are 4 possible areas of intervention: Services for people; help for the fragile; Art, culture and creativity; physical/sporting activity.

The perimeter of the strategic action of Fondazione Cariverona
is linked to the following Sustainable Development objectives of Agenda 2030